chapter  12
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Playing to the strengths of humanity

ByClive Wilson

There is plenty of evidence that success in any venture is enhanced by playing to strengths. We will discuss this evidence and provide methods to help people identify strengths and understand how they can be applied to the delivery of the SDGs and developed so they add significant value and be put to use. We will share some case studies ranging from some of the sustainability heroes of the moment such as Elon Musk, founder of Tesla; Malala, who made a stand for the education of girls; as well as some emerging examples drawn from the author’s personal experience in sharing the goals with young people in schools and universities. For example, a young scuba diver realised his hobby could be transformed into a career to clean up waste plastic from the oceans (SDG 14). A girl whilst still at school was inspired by SDGs 1 and 16. She became determined to use her flare for photography to photograph poverty, especially in war-torn regions to draw attention and prompt action through journalism.