chapter  2
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Reasons for hope

Building on the thoughts of Al Gore
ByClive Wilson

This chapter is a glimpse to the future as prompted by the thinking of Al Gore. In his TED Talk, Gore explains how technology and innovation bring solutions to climate change and sustainability in general. So, for example, advancements in solar energy are making it increasingly cheaper than fossil fuel alternatives. This will soon lead to a transformative “tipping point” and experiences with other technologies (e.g. mobile phones, tablets etc.) suggest that the rate of uptake will exceed predictions. Combine this with other advancements – such as battery performance, electric cars and driverless vehicles – and it is easy to see how quickly change will manifest. Similar predictions can be made in the fields of health and education – and even with regard to poverty, although the latter requires a significant shift in mindset and away from the libertarianism of countries like the US and (to a lesser extent) the UK.