chapter  4
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Designing purposeful organisations

A synopsis of the necessary conditions for change
ByClive Wilson

A synopsis of Designing the Purposeful Organization: How to Inspire Business Performance Beyond Boundaries. The book outlines eight necessary conditions for change: purpose, vision, engagement, structure, character, results, success and talent. Purpose is described as the reason for being for any organisation – the “Why?”. However, it can shift significantly dependent on who’s observing, so stakeholder perspectives are vital and must be aligned. From this work, the inspiring purpose can be derived and can be used as the focus for everything the organisation does. Vision is the manifestation of purpose at significant time horizons and can be considered the destination for the change. It gives people a common goal or set of goals. For a vision to manifest there must be engagement with everyone involved. Consequent to successful engagement are the structures that support the delivery of the vision. This is everything from plans, teams of people and communications structures to buildings and systems. Alongside the structures for change there has to be character – the necessary values and behaviours that get people involved and ensure they work together effectively. Results measure progress to the vision and take the form of various key performance indicators, whilst success is the felt sense of achieving something worthwhile. Results and success are therefore different and both are necessary. Finally, nothing happens without deploying the talents of those involved. A successful change will tend to play to the strengths of everyone.