chapter  5
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Several fractal leaps of scale

From single cells to humanity
ByClive Wilson

It has been proven that life will adapt according to its context. Identical stem cells placed in Petri dishes containing different substances can be grown into heart, liver or brain cells. In other words, their purpose will evolve in response to their context. When cells come together in order to survive, a new consciousness arises at the collective level – that of the human being (for example). In turn, the purpose of the human will evolve in accordance with its context. Similarly, humans will come together in organisations and establish a collective purpose at the corporate level. This “zooming out” and finding self-similar patterns is the principle behind fractals as defined by Benoit Mandelbrot. Therefore, it is suggested that we can take the principles behind Designing the Purposeful Organization and extrapolate them to the design of a purposeful world.