chapter  7
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A shared vision

How the SDGs define our future in a way we can all accept
ByClive Wilson

If our purpose is to thrive in community and celebrate life itself, we need to know where this takes us. Vision is simply the manifestation of purpose at an important time horizon. In several workshop sessions that I’ve run with a variety of audiences (schools, universities and professional groups), people have been asked to close their eyes and envisage a better world at a 2030 time horizon. On every occasion the world they describe is totally consistent with the SDGs, conveniently as described and adopted by world leaders at the United Nations in New York in September 2015. This is especially convenient because we therefore don’t have to sell the SDGs as a future to “buy into”. It is a future that the vast majority of humanity already holds dear in their hearts. Of course, as with any vision, people see some aspects of this better future more clearly than others. As discussed earlier, this is a function of who they are and their context. Nevertheless, there are few disagreements regarding any significant aspects of the bigger picture.