chapter  4
The Geography of Organized Armed Violence around the World
ByErik Melander, David A. Backer, Eric Dunford
Pages 11

This chapter offers insight into the utility of the latest release of Uppsala Conflict Data Program's Georeferenced Event Dataset (UCDP-GED). The UCDP has an established record of compiling and disseminating an array of widely used data resources. The field of conflict studies, and the data that contributing scholars collect, have progressively moved toward greater specificity along several dimensions. UCDP-GED records the category of violence, the actors involved, the location and associated coordinates, and the timing of each event, as well as other characteristics. UCDP has been the source of the most widely used data in academic research on violence committed by organized armed actors. In particular, UCDP-GED provides a means for analyses to test micro-level theories. UCDP-GED has paved the way for methodological advances with a major bearing on substantive contributions to the literature.