chapter  12
45 Pages

Extracts from Papers Relating to Technical Education in India 1886–1904 (Calcutta: Superintendent Government Printing, 1906), 1–4, 29–34, 50–54, 83–85, 116–117, 131–133, 246–249, 251–253

The Education Commission, in reviewing the history of education in British India, divide the subject into three periods. The first period embraces the years of educational activity prior to the Court of Directors’ well-known despatch of 1854, when a new departure was taken. The second period in the educational history of British India was ushered in by the great despatch of 1854, and lasted till 1871. The third period covers the interval between 1871 and the present time. In the preceding sketch of the progress of education in British India, it will be observed that no reference has been made to technical instruction. Most questions of importance regarding education in India are fully and lucidly handled in the report of the Education Commission, but the subject of technical instruction is an exception to the rule; for technical instruction was one of the few matters connected with education on which the Commission was not required to report.