chapter  2
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‘Letter, 10th March 1854, From the Council of Education to the Government of Bengal’, In J. A. Richey, Selections from Educational Records Part 2 1840–1859 (Calcutta: Superintendent Government Printing, 1922), 119–125

“I have the honor, by direction of the Council of Education, to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, No. 527, dated 21st October 1853, conveying to the Council the views of the Most Noble the Governor of Bengal upon the various questions relating to the Government Educational Institutions at Calcutta, submitted by the Council in my letter of the 4th of August last, and directing the Council to work out the details of the extended plan, whereof the outline is drawn in paragraphs 22 to 44 of your letter under reply, and to submit, in a complete form, for final sanction, a scheme framed upon the gen eral design indicated by the Most Noble the Governor.