chapter  6
John Galloway (1804–1894), Engineer of Manchester and his ‘Reminiscences’
WithD. A. Farnie, W. O. Henderson
Pages 23

John Galloway was born on 14 February 1804 at his father's house at 37 Lombard Street, which was then 'surrounded by smiling gardens instead of gin palaces', as he remarked in his 'Reminiscences'. In 1835 William Galloway and John Galloway made their great decision to hive off, as it were, from the parent concern and to enter into business on their own account. Little is known of the first five years of William and John Galloway's new venture, except that the first steam engine they made was for Hayward of Yeovil, Somerset, and their second for a mill at Glossop. The same observer noticed that the two brothers had installed Goffer of Dukinfield's machine for rivetting by steam-power in their boiler shop. The corresponding viaduct over the Kent estuary was built during the winter of 1856-1857 by another Manchester contractor, James Featherstone.