chapter  11
The people and state-community on a track of economic development
WithSeung-hun Chun
Pages 22

The dynamics of economic development may not be limited to the rise in people’s incomes. Economic development is affected by the people, and in reverse, it has effects not only on individual people but also on the community. It was witnessed that as opportunities for jobs and income were offered, the stereotype of laziness was soon changed to one of diligence and hard work. And with the sustained rise in income the behavior of the people changed; they became more conscious of working conditions, social equity and justice. The sustained rise in income and industrial power strengthened the basis for national security and entrenched democratic norms that safeguard human dignity. At the baseline, South Korea’s existence as a state was severely called into question, considering its lack of capacity for self-sustenance and that international society accused the government of human rights violations in its early days of development. However, sustained economic growth led to national solidarity at the end line.