chapter  12
Conclusion: The Importance of Industrial Growth
WithRobert N. Gwynne
Pages 6

This conclusion presents an overview of key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book discusses the importance of a process of industrialisation for all Latin American countries and the necessity for intermediately-developed countries to plan actively for the growth of the manufacturing sector. It asserts that the spatial development of industrialisation within Latin American countries has had a significant impact on the spatial incidence of urban and regional growth. The process of industrialisation and its spatial concentration has undoubtedly fuelled migration. Industrial success in Latin America has been matched by its spatial concentration. The ability of Latin American countries to confront the debt crisis and recession of the 1980s has been closely linked to the level of industrialisation. The gravest implications of Chile's industrial decline would appear to be in terms of its international trading potential and its relationship with the world economy.