chapter  6
The Spatial Centralisation of Industry
WithRobert N. Gwynne
Pages 21

The centralisation of industry in the major city of a country is a well-established empirical fact in Latin America. Localisation economies may at first glance appear to have limited applicability in large Latin American cities. The nature of urban systems in Latin America provides the primate city with a greater variety and quality of services. In many Latin American countries, there have been cases of small towns lacking the necessary power capacity to cope with the operation of new high-energy industries at peak times. According to the majority of migration studies in Latin America, the more enterprising entrepreneurial members of provincial populations migrate to the major cities of the country at an early age. Increasingly manufacturing activity in Latin America is being organised through large corporations, whether these be of state, private domestic or international origin. The behavioural approach was able to demonstrate the attraction of the big city for decision-makers in the ever-increasing corporate sector of Latin American economies.