chapter  XI
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Pauline Platonism: The Myth of Valentinus

ByMark Edwards

This chapter shows that a Platonic exegesis of the Valentinian muthos could reduce it to the orthodox Christian logos of the treatises in the Jung Codex. It discusses a few of the leading principles that governed the decipherment of allegory among Platonists and churchmen of late antiquity. The chapter highlights the Valentinian myth from common elements in the codices and the Fathers. It uses these principles to reconcile the myth with a more optimistic theory of creation. The chapter describes that the tenets of the Valentinian school were strictly Pauline, though presented through a new configuration of Pauline symbols, which makes life a moving image of theology and theology the paradigm of life. Platonists in the age of Valentinus spoke increasingly of things remote from knowledge and experience, and were consequently obliged to retain the metaphors from their master's dialogues.