chapter  III
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Justin’s Logos and the Word of God

ByMark Edwards

Justin Martyr's Logos and the Word of God Scholarship have attempted to show that the notion of the Logos in Justin's Apologies is largely indebted to Stoic or Platonic philosophy. The search for pagan elements in his concept of the Logos has all but blinded the people to the numerous occurrences of the same term in his Dialogue with Trypho, whose important contribution to the problem of Christian thought is severely underrated. The chapter argues that the Apologies cannot be elucidated from the pagan schools alone. It presents that the womb of Justin's Logos-doctrine was the Dialogue, where the term is used to confer on Christ the powers that were already attributed in Jewish literature to the spoken and written utterance of God. Carl Andresen, in a famous study, traces back this doctrine to the Middle Platonism in which Justin, by his own account, was schooled.