chapter  26a
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Chapter II

In this woeful situation, though extremely weak, I was not deprived of sense. I tore my shirt from my naked body, and with it endeavoured with some success to make 12 [] a bandage to stanch the flowing of the blood. I then exerted myself to crawl up the side of the ditch. I had scarcely effected the latter, when with equal surprise and joy I perceived a man advancing at no great distance. I called for help as well as I could. The man came towards me with evident signs of compassion, and the 13 [figure] I exhibited was indeed sufficiently calculated to excite it. I had no hat. My hair was disheveled, and the ends of the locks clotted with blood. My shirt was wrapped about my neck and shoulder, and was / plentifully stained with red. My body which was naked to my middle was variegated with streams of blood, nor had my 14 [breeches which were of leather] by any means escaped.