chapter  4
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Chapter IV

This was only one out of innumerable instances that every day seemed to 107 [enlarge], of petty mortifications which Mr Tyrrel was destined to endure on the part of Mr Falkland. In 108 [every one] of them Mr Falkland conducted himself with such 109 [propriety and unaffected mildness, as perpetually to make some addition] to the stock of his reputation. The more Mr Tyrrel struggled with his misfortune, the more conspicuous and inveterate it became. A thousand times he cursed his stars, which took, as he apprehended, a malicious pleasure in making Mr Falkland at every turn the instrument of his humiliation. Smarting 110 [as he was] under a succession of untoward events, he appeared to feel in the most exquisite manner / the distinctions paid to his adversary, even in those particulars to which he had not the slightest pretensions. An instance of this 111 [speedily] occurred.