chapter  39
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Chapter XV

325 [] Having made an experiment of various situations, all of them with one uniform result, I at length determined to remove myself, if possible, from the reach of my persecutor, by going into voluntary banishment from my native soil. But it seemed this slender consolation was to be denied to me by the inexorable Falkland. At the time that the project was formed 326 [by me] I was at no great distance from the east coast of the island, and I determined to take ship at Harwich, and pass immediately into Holland. I accordingly repaired to that place, and went almost as soon as I arrived to the port. But there was no vessel 327 [just at that time] ready to sail. I left the port, and withdrew / to an inn, where after some time I retired to a chamber. I was scarcely there, before the door of the room was opened, and the man, whose countenance was 328 [of all others] most hateful to my eyes, Jones, entered the apartment. He shut the door again as soon as he entered.