chapter  10
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‘In the Plot.’

Though large and solidly built, and with some pretensions to elegance outside at least, the house at Scar Foot was in reality planned more like a large farmhouse than anything else. The door by which Judith entered let her straight into a splendid old square kitchen or houseplace, 82 with flagged 83 floor, warmly carpeted over, with massive beams of oak, and corner cupboards and flat cupboards, 70wainscoting and chair rail of the same material. There were solid-looking old oak chairs too, black, and polished brilliantly by the friction on their seats and arms, of generations of small clothes, hands and elbows. This room was furnished comfortably and even handsomely, but it was always used by Mr. Aglionby as a sort of hall or entrance chamber. Over the way on the right, was another spacious, comfortable room, serving as a sort of library, for all the books were kept there. Upstairs was the large drawing-room, or reception-room – ‘the great parlour’ had been its name from time immemorial. The master’s own favourite den and sanctum, into which no person dared to penetrate without first knocking and being invited to enter, was a much smaller room than any of those already described, arrived at by passing through the houseplace on the left of the entrance. This little room was panelled throughout with oak.