chapter  8
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WithIlan Talmud, Gustavo Mesch

This is the final chapter of this book which presented ICT as an object around which joint activities are organized, no different from the neighborhood or the school. More specifically, the objective of the book was to explore how the use of ICT and how online relationships both affect the structure, content, and closure of adolescents' social circles. The chapter summarizes the book’s main arguments and findings, discusses their implications, and draws a few conclusions on several points. These are: the social effects of online adolescents’ usage and sociability and the emergence of new kind of literacy; the relations between online network size and relational depth; and the consequences of social diversification and network closure. Two other points on which conclusions are drawn are the possible outcomes of the digital divide and the feasible negative and positive effects of adolescents’ online use over time;technological convergence and social incorporation of ICT in everyday life.