chapter  9
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Where to from here?

WithTimothy A. Carey

The model of patient-perspective care that has been outlined throughout the book is summarised, and the benefits are reiterated in this chapter. The remainder of the chapter provides the beginnings of a blueprint for the means by which the current model of health service delivery can be overturned in favour of a model that is consistent with our design as controlling agents. An overhaul of this magnitude will clearly affect the training of health professionals at university as well as their ongoing professional development. It will also require that the general population is educated and informed differently than they are now. Health service managers will need to reconfigure priorities, and policymakers will be required to ensure that policies consistently reflect and endorse a patient-perspective model. Recognising the importance of following the lead of the patient, and providing support as required, rather than being the captain and decision maker of the treatment that is delivered, may be the most profound change of all. When this change occurs, many other aspects of service reconfiguration will fall into place as the domino effect creates a health service that is genuinely a service from the perspective of the people who are being served.