chapter  11
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Algal photobiohydrogen production

WithArchana Tiwari, Thomas Kiran, Anjana Pandey

314The present situation around the globe calls for efficient renewable alternate energy sources. Hydrogen is crowned as a future fuel owing to a myriad of properties. Hydrogen is renewable, does not pollute the environment by evolving carbon dioxide, liberates large amounts of energy per unit weight in combustion (122 KJ/g), and is easily converted to electricity by fuel cells. Algae-mediated hydrogen production offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to producing clean energy from renewable resources. Algae split water into molecular hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight under special conditions. This chapter highlights the significant progress achieved in algae-mediated hydrogen production. In recent years, significant progress has been achieved in resolving technical bottlenecks for sustained hydrogen production. Inventiveness in algae-mediated hydrogen production is indeed essential for acceptance of hydrogen as an environmentally friendly energy source.