chapter  14
30 Pages

Noise effects and subjective evaluation of sound insulation

ByJens Holger Rindel

This chapter analyzes the sound insulation in buildings is analysed from the point of view of the users. It discusses dwellings and, in particular, multi-unit houses. The most serious problem may be the exposure to traffic noise and the need for sound insulation of windows and facades. Noise from neighbours and the need for sound insulation of internal walls and floors are also very important. Acoustical comfort is characterised as absence of unwanted sound; presence of wanted sound of desired level and quality; and opportunities for acoustic activities without annoying or disturbing other people and without being heard by unauthorised persons. In order to achieve acoustical comfort in a building, certain requirements have to be fulfilled concerning the airborne and impact sound insulation and the noise level from traffic and building services. Playing a musical instrument is an interesting example.