chapter  15
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Experimental buildings with high sound insulation

ByJens Holger Rindel

This final chapter presents some examples of experimental buildings with particularly good sound insulation. The examples are restricted to multi-storey buildings with dwellings. Of course, the idea of making experimental buildings with very good sound insulation comes from the ambition that dwellings for the future should have satisfactory conditions, also for acoustics. In the initial stage of the project, quite ambitious requirements for airborne and impact sound insulation were established. Examples of measured airborne sound insulation in the horizontal and vertical directions are shown. The results of the measured impact sound insulation in the vertical direction are very good and the special project requirements are fulfilled (recalling that the reference curve may be passed with up to 32 dB of unfavourable deviations). It is remarkable that the very high acoustic quality achieved in these projects does not necessarily lead to higher construction costs, and one of the solutions was actually developed with the purpose of saving construction time.