chapter  9
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Application of Virtual 3D Plastic Surgery

The original concept of 3D reconstruction of radiographic images was based on the principles of stereoscopy by Sir Wheatstone, a professor in experimental philosophy at King’s college in London. In 1838, he showed that our impression of solidity is gained by the combination of two separate pictures of an object taken by both of our eyes from different points of view in our mind, thus, it is the creation of stereoscope concept by using two photographs of the same object taken from different points. These is image is view through lens or reection of mirrors with the images is combined as to make the object stand out with a solid aspect. From this basis, he developed an instrument that produced a 3D image from two at plane images.3 The produced images provide more realistic depth perception to the viewer than conventional 2D images. The idea was adopted by Brewster, a Scottish physicist who invented a refracting stereoscope device called the lenticular stereoscope, which consisted of a closed box with an opening for the introduction of light into the box and two lenticular lenses. This enables the viewer to see a 3D image on the oor of the closed box.