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My sincere appreciation to the many individuals with whom I have shared experiences in this field, in a variety of projects, such as monitoring and assessment methods in lakes and estuaries, the startup of ECOPLEX with funding by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), developing a cyberinfrastructure (CI) approach to monitoring, and the Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) on sensor networks also funded by NSF. These individuals include faculty and students of several units of the University of North Texas, such as the Institute of Applied Science, electrical engineering department, computer science department, School of Library and Information Sciences, and University Information Technology Academic Computing and User Services, as well as colleagues from the City of Denton, the University of the Andes, Venezuela, the National Weather Service (Fort Worth Office), Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and several Independent School Districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Among many, I particularly thank Ken Dickson, Tom Waller, Sam Atkinson, Bruce Hunter, Rudy Thompson, David Hunter, Shengli Fu, Xinrong Li, Yan Huang, Bill Moen, Duane Gustavus, Phillip Baczewski, Tim Christian, Ermanno Pietrosemoli, Michele Ataroff, Wilfredo Franco, Jue Yang, Carlos Jerez, Gilbert Nebgen, Chengyang Zhang, Mitchel Horton, Jennifer Williams, Andrew Fashingbauer, and Jarred Stumberg.