chapter  28
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Measuring Health and Safety Performance

WithW. David Yates

When managers and employees are held accountable for their safety and health responsibilities, they are more likely to press for solutions to safety and health problems than to present barriers. By implementing an accountability system, positive involvement in the safety and health program is created. Examples of measured safety behavior at various levels include: top/mid-level managers, supervisors, and employees. One of the main purposes in measuring performance is to provide information to the decision makers and those accountable for the overall success of the program. The primary and overriding purpose of any safety and health management system is to turn uncontrolled hazards into controlled risks and to ultimately eliminate all injuries, illnesses, and accidents. The key elements of a safety and health management system are: policy, organizing, planning and implementation, measuring performance, and audit and review. Every organization should have a written health and safety management policy.