chapter  8
21 Pages

Technologies for mHealth

WithJinman Kim, Christopher Lemon, Tanya Baldacchino, Mohamed Khadra, Dagan (David) Feng

This chapter introduces technologies for mobile health (mHealth) that are instrumental to modern healthcare adoption, including networking, mobile devices, and data exchange. It discusses new and emerging technologies that are fundamental to mHealth systems and applications, discussed in terms of healthcare adoption and requirements. There is a large body of literature identifying that using mHealth technologies can help improve health processes and outcomes. However, the history of uptake of mHealth has not been consistent across all health systems. mHealth has introduced improvements to a wide variety of existing healthcare processes, and in some situations, provided new enabling technologies for healthcare services. One of the most frequent uses of mobile technology in healthcare is with apps developed for mobile devices. Apps are software applications specifically designed for mobile devices, initially popularized by iPhone smartphones and the App Store, introduced in 2008. The application of mHealth technologies is rapidly reshaping the healthcare practices in the provision of better healthcare.