chapter  1
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A World Full of Challenges

WithMoria Levy

Welcome to the world of business in the twenty-first century. As with many things in life, this business world is misleading. Cyber technology has changed people connectivity. "The world is a global village," states a familiar expression. Knowledge makes the world go round. What is clear is that the world of providers is crowded. Competition is almost impossible, and excelling is more important than ever. Customers have alternatives. Knowledge is the key to excelling in twenty-first-century markets. As of 2017, the majority of employees working at an average organization are considered knowledge workers—whether bankers, carpenters, or sales representatives. Knowledge is a key component in the success of almost every role in the organization. Every company had an organization and methods unit, which was in charge of defining the processes, determining how many employees were needed, and how much time were required for each process.