chapter  10
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Jumping into the Water

WithMoria Levy

Once management has approved the decision to run a life-cycle model of lessons and good practices management, two more important decisions must be made: scope and order. Management is flooded with many interesting ideas on how to improve business, much more than they actually can implement. N. Milton and P. Lambe emphasize the importance of proof of concepts as an effective method to initiate knowledge management-oriented programs in organizations. Each organization has its routes, and managers should choose one suitable for their specific case. Many important management ideas presented to the organization are most relevant to one or two specific groups or units. Lessons management, however, is relevant to all divisions, units, groups, and teams in every organization. The chapter deals with the practical stage—that is, how to actually start; how to jump into the water not only remaining afloat but also having a specifically defined target to reach safely. People fear change and usually prefer to avoid jumping into the water.