chapter  11
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The Cultural Change

WithMoria Levy

This chapter offers recommendations about how to implement such change and turn the life-cycle model of lessons and good practices management into reality. The Goldratt Research Lab conducted research in 2011 regarding the success of change initiatives in organizations. John Kotter, one of the known thought leaders regarding change management, published the book Leading Change in which he defined eight steps to follow to manage this process. Most organizations got stuck at stage one! Most organizations that decided to implement a change, and even decided to invest resources in the process, did not even succeed in reaching the second of eight stages. Fullan, based on a model formulated by Lyle Kirtman, suggests a process that includes seven components and begins with an advanced version of Lewin's "unfreeze" stage. In some cases, a change can be completed when the process leads us to work in a new way.