chapter  2
11 Pages

Learning the Lesson for the First Time

WithMoria Levy

This chapter states that all organizations handle processes, projects, and events. It discusses debriefing following the completion of a project, debriefing at the end of processes, and debriefing after surprising situations. Projects, processes, and events are opportunities for debriefing and learning. Most organizations have another common denominator: they all change; some of them change rather frequently. The chapter deals with two organizations that distribute the debriefing among multiple workers, yet each deals with the challenge differently. The first, a jailing organization, initially used a hired professional: a debriefing officer who accompanied every debriefing session. The second organization, an aviation plant, was unsatisfied with debriefings as well. These two examples clearly demonstrate the challenges organizations face and how various solutions can be implicated according to the needs of each organization. If the organization did succeed, one should inquire whether the defined targets were achieved and whether the process itself was efficient and relevant to future changes.