chapter  3
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Deepening: Debriefing Techniques and Guidelines

WithMoria Levy

Naturally, after action review (AAR) is a good technique with which to begin; it probably is the most popular debriefing technique and is used worldwide. A possibly useful technique in these cases is multi-case learning (MCL). Like AAR, MCL is a simple technique defined by several steps: Define the action requiring improvement, briefly describe each project, processes, and event, Can any common attributes explain the results? And what do we recommend? A unique methodology was composed to overcome this obstacle, enabling true analysis and learning, rather than debating and assigning improvements to each other. The AAR should be regarded as a core process, yet additional subprocesses may be added beforehand as well as after to enable improved learning. The chapter addresses four questions: What were people expectations? What happened? How can people explain the unexpected difference between the two? And what do people recommend?.