chapter  9
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Requesting the Knowledge before Action

WithMoria Levy

This chapter discusses embedding new knowledge in organizational habits and routines. Doing so is fine, and every organization should aim to maximize such processes. Furthermore, organizations are in constant motion. So, how do people bring new knowledge into the minds and actions of people who already are preoccupied with other matters? How do people ensure that the new knowledge will serve them here and now, and not only serve future needs? How do people ensure that they will be notified with relevant knowledge before beginning new processes? The chapter deals with various ways to bring organizational knowledge closer to the user, embedding it into the existing environment. It suggests that a hyperlink should be embedded into the lessons' knowledgebase easing the route to knowledge. The chapter deals with the task of implementing the life-cycle model of lessons and good practices management in organizations and addresses the roles that must be established in the organization.