chapter  9
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Is Your Test Really Necessary?

WithRamin Minovi

Examinations and tests have always played a big part in English education. They are under attack from several quarters at the moment, but while some are going down, struggling violently, others are springing up hydra-like to take their place. The most commonly used tests are still probably intelligence tests, and one very commonly used in English schools is the Terman-Merrill Revision of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. The Wechsler tests are much less verbally oriented, containing' more tests involving design-copying, substituting symbols for numbers, arranging pictures, and doing jigsaws; and it has been found that poor readers do much better on them than they do on the vocabulary test from the Terman-Merrill scale. There are basically two kinds of reading tests: the first involves the recognition of individual words, the second of words presented in a context, usually a series of short sentences.