chapter  4
Post-colonial African body
WithJohn Murungi
Pages 12

European colonialism sought the condemnation and the degradation of the African body. To be successful, the post-colonial project calls for the decolonization of the African body, for a renaissance of the African body. In the African post-colony, it is not enough to replace the African colonized body with a pre-colonized body. The pre-colonial African body – a body that has been besmirched by colonialism is not a mummy that has been lying in a catacomb waiting to be brought into the land of the living so that it can be revivified. Freedom fighters paid little attention to the fact that the colonial project entailed the colonization of the African body. It was not evident that ultimately the liberation struggle had to include the liberation of the African body. The unified decolonization process is what must animate the post-colonial African if the integrity of the African is to be affirmed and cultivated.