chapter  5
The African and the cost of being a Christian
WithJohn Murungi
Pages 23

Millions of Africans are Christians. Christians also believe that a human being is created in His image. Africans are caught between being Christian and being non-Christian. Being non-Christian, at times, comes as being Muslim, and on the Muslim side, there is pressure between being a Muslim and being a non-Muslim/being anti-Muslim. The space between being Christian and being Muslim is emptied. It is without inhabitants and Africans are pressured to be one or the other. From the very beginning, Christianity has been at odds and at war with philosophy. Millions of Africans have been and are still pre-occupied in the practice and the promotion of Christianity while at the same time unmindful of the toll it has taken and that it is taking on them. Christianity laid the ground for this amnesia and reinforces it since many Christians tend to backslide into their former mode of being.