chapter  6
The life of law in Africa
WithJohn Murungi
Pages 20

At stake in the decolonization of African law is the decolonization of the African. Every legal theory is an anthropology. The life of law in Africa is not only a central feature of life in Africa but also a mirror of African life in general. This is true of every other central feature of African life. African legal philosophers appear on the margins of the field of legal philosophy. What they produce is for the most part marginal. Clearly, in colonial Africa, Africans, as well as the European colonizers knew what law was. Decolonization of African legal philosophy is a part of the comprehensive decolonization of African life, and it is to be understood in this context. The claim that African legal philosophy, African philosophy and, indeed, philosophy in general, stand in need of decolonization is likely to fall onto deaf ears.