chapter  Chapter 3
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Use Small Group Reading and Learning Strategies to Bring Personal Response and Accountability to the Content

WithLori G. Wilfong

I tapped the arm of the student sitting next to me: “Is there a routine for learning in this room?” The student smirked back. “I guess you can call it a routine. First, he (nodding towards the teacher preparing papers at a desk) gives us notes from a PowerPoint for like, 20 minutes. Then, we read the same information from the textbook. If there is time left in class, he tries to get a discussion going which usually consists of the same two people answering dumb questions. The bell rings and we leave.” The student shrugs his shoulders. “I like history but we never really talk to each other about the stuff we are learning.” With a sigh, he turned back to the front and got ready to take notes.