chapter  Chapter 4
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Address Discipline-Specific Content Reading Strategies

WithLori G. Wilfong

A sixth-grade teaching team, consisting of teachers from the four major content areas, share students and have invited me to sit in on a team meeting as they look at the workload they will be assigning students over the course of a quarter. Each had brought their curriculum map. They started by examining the amount of reading they would be assigning in class. The language arts teacher talked about the independent reading her students would be doing while the social studies teacher laid out a series of articles looking at various civilizations. When it was her turn, the science teacher shrugged her shoulders, “We won’t be doing a ton of reading. There is a big experiment coming up so we will be preparing for that.” “There isn’t reading that goes with that, you know, to prepare for the experiment?” I asked. She shook her head. We all turned to the math teacher, who laughed. “I teach math,” she explained. “There is not a bunch of reading.”