chapter  10
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Strip Footing Located in Seismic Region

WithSwami Saran

A foundation engineer frequently comes across the problem of designing footings for structures located in the seismic region. The seismic excitation induces inertial stresses within the soil mass due to the vibration induced in the soil mass which is participating in the event. Budhu, M and Al-Karni suggested a procedure for obtaining the seismic settlement. Using the method of characteristic, Majidi and Mirghasemi by adopting discrete element method and Shafiee and Jahanandish by finite element method gave the solution for obtaining seismic settlement. This chapter presents a simple pseudo-static analysis to obtain the pressure-settlement and pressure-tilt characteristics of a footing subjected to seismic loads, using non-linear constitutive law of the soil. In pseudo-static analysis, these additional forces are taken in terms of horizontal and vertical coefficients. Actually in flexible footing, settlement patterns will be non-linear and therefore, it will be depending upon the value of e/B ratio.