chapter  11
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Strip Footing Located Below Ground Surface

WithSwami Saran

The base of a footing is always located at a certain depth d below the ground surface. Usually this depth ranges between 0.25 B and 1.0 B, where B is the width of footing. This chapter discusses a methodology which developed for analyzing the behavior of a strip footing having its base located below the ground surface, using non-linear constitutive law of soil. Since stress equations are available only for vertical and horizontal point loads, solutions are based on the principle of numerical addition. The equations of stresses in convenient form were reproduced by Harr. By using superimposition, stresses can be obtained for any orientation of line load. The effect of base roughness on the pressure-settlement characteristic of a footing is marginal. When a structure is located in a seismic zone, it is subjected to additional forces due to vibrations generated by an earthquake. There are two methods of analysis; namely, pseudo-static analysis based on seismic coefficients and dynamic analysis.