chapter  5
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Strip Footing Subjected to Eccentric-inclined Load

WithSwami Saran

A foundation engineer frequently comes across the problem of footings subjected to eccentric-inclined load, such as, in the case of foundations of retaining walls, columns, stanchions, tall building, portal framed structures, and so on. In these cases, footings in general are acted upon a vertical load, a moment and a horizontal load which result into an eccentric-inclined load. A footing subjected to eccentric-inclined load shows unsymmetrical settlement pattern along with horizontal displacement. Bearing capacity, settlement, tilt and horizontal displacement are the main criteria for proportioning of such footings. All these are obtained in independent steps. This chapter examines the procedures which have been developed to predict pressure, maximum settlement, pressure tilt and pressure, horizontal displacement curves for the footings subjected to eccentric-inclined load. It considers both the cases, that is, footings in clays and footings in sand. When load is eccentric-inclined on a rigid strip footing, there is horizontal displacement of the footing also along with vertical settlement of footing.