chapter  6
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Strip Footing Adjacent to a Slope

WithSwami Saran

Foundations are sometimes placed on slopes, or adjacent to slopes, or near a proposed excavation. Presently in the case of bridges, footings are usually not placed within the fill; instead, pile or other foundations are considered. Proportioning of a footing resting adjacent to a slope requires the evaluation of its bearing capacity and settlement and is determined in two independent steps. Earlier, the problem of bearing capacity was solved by three different approaches, namely: slip line analysis; limit equilibrium analysis; and limit analysis. Some investigators have solved this problem by using numerical analysis. This chapter provides a general procedure based on constitutive laws to predict the settlement of a footing placed near the edge of a slope. Soil, in general, is an anisotropic material and Young's modulus E is dependent upon the confining pressure. Using constitutive relation of the soil, Sud developed a procedure for obtaining pressure-settlement characteristic of a footing resting adjacent to a slope.