chapter  2
The Check List Analysed
WithD. C. Hague
Pages 7

This chapter explores the treated pricing in the check list as part of the whole activity of marketing; this includes product design and presentation, as well as advertising and other forms of sales promotion. However, depending on the terms of any contract, the level of price could vary between customers. At the retail level, however, Alpha Ltd had actually encouraged its retailers to cut the price of 'Alpha' in order to compete with 'Omega'. A few firms, especially Wensum and Fourways, were selling standard products on a large enough scale for a price list to be published annually. The analysis they need to use in looking at pricing problems is basically the same as that needed for all other business problems. Anyone using the check list will therefore have to decide for himself how relevant each item is to him. Finally, the check list shows that pricing must be a continuous, feedback process.