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This edition consists of the text of the 1864 publication A Walk across Africa or Domestic Scenes from My Nile Journal by James Augustus Grant (1827–92) who was second in command of the Royal Geographical Society’s Nile Expedition of 1860–63 led by John Hanning Speke. The spelling and punctuation of the original text has been retained but it is fully annotated and also supplemented by a limited number of extracts from the extremely detailed journal which Grant kept during the Expedition and which is now in the care of the National Library of Scotland (hereafter NLS). It is also supplemented by reproductions of the 147 sketches and watercolours made by Grant (also in the care of the NLS), which constitute an important element of his record of one of the key journeys in the history of European exploration. Reference is also made to Grant’s very considerable contribution to biological sciences, especially botany and ornithology.