chapter  4
The Analytical-Synthetical
ByDaniel F. Johnson-Mardones
Pages 39

Chapter 4 is the analytical-synthetical pair of currere. Turning the century, a curriculum reform had reached all levels of schooling and was moving to higher education and particularly to teacher education. Standardization and accountability were the unmistakable emphases of a reform in which democracy seemed to be being briefly taught rather than profoundly lived. This was the time in which the movement of internationalization of Curriculum Studies started. The analytic moment of taking apart is followed by one of reconstruction. The moment of coming to profess a field understood as an international conversation is juxtaposed to the study of such interdisciplinary international field and beyond it, through which the author attempts to write a way out of that history of negation of Latinoamérica as Otro. Talking from that hybrid southerner space, the text engages in the developing of an international conversation that shapes a cosmopolitan project in Curriculum Studies.