chapter  2
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I led my Silvia to a Grove, Where all the Boughs did shade us The Sun it self, though it had strove It could not have betray’d us. 5 The place secur’d from humane eyes No other fear alows, But when the Winds do gently rise; And kiss the yeilding Boughs. Down there we sate upon the Moss, 10 And did begin to play, A thousand wanton tricks to pass, The heat of all the day. A many kisses I did give, And she return’d the same, 15 Which made her willing to receive; That which I dare not name. My greedy eyes no ayds requir’d, To tell their amorous Tale, On her that was already fir’d: 20 ’Twas easie to prevail. I did but kiss and claspe her round, [Whilst] they my thoughts exprest, And laid her gently on the ground: Oh! who can guess the rest.