chapter  19
The Complaint.
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Amyntas that true hearted Swaine, Upon a Rivers Banck was lay’d, Where to the Pittying streames he did Complaine On Silvia that false Charming Maid. 5 While shee was still regardless of his paine. Ah! Charming Silvia, would he cry; And what he said, the Echoes wou’d reply: Be kind or else I dy, Ech:— I dy Be kind or else I dy: Ech:— I dy. 10 Those smiles and Kisses which you give, Remember Sylvia are my due; And all the Joyes my Rivall does receive, He ravishes from me not you: Ah Silvia! can I live and this believe? 15 Insensibles are toucht to see My Languishments, and seem to pitty me: Which I demand of thee: Ech— of thee Which I demand of thee Ech:— of thee. Set by Mr. Banister.