chapter  34
On her Loving Two Equally. Set by Captain Pack.
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I How strongly does my Passion flow, Divided equally ’twixt two? Damon had ne’er subdu’d my Heart, Had not Alexis took his part; 5 Nor cou’d Alexis pow’rful prove, Without my Damons Aid, to gain my Love. II When my Alexis present is, Then I for Damon sigh and mourn; But when Alexis I do miss, 10 Damon gains nothing but my Scorn. But if it chance they both are by, For both alike I languish, sigh, and die. III Cure then, thou mighty winged God, This restless Feaver in my Blood; 15 One Golden-Pointed Dart take back: But which, O Cupid, wilt thou take? If Damons, all my Hopes are crost; Or that of my Alexis, I am lost.