chapter  47
To a New Scotch Tune.
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I Young Jemmy was a Lad, Of Royal Birth and Breeding, With ev’ry Beauty Clad: And ev’ry Grace Exceeding; 5 A face and shape so wondrous fine, So Charming ev’ry part; That every Lass upon the Green: For Jemmy had a Heart. II In Jemmy’s Powerful Eyes, 10 Young Gods of Love are playing, And on his Face there lies A Thousand Smiles betraying. But Oh he dances with a Grace, None like him e’er was seen; 15 No God that ever fancy’d was, Has so Divine a Miene. III To Jemmy ev’ry Swaine Did lowly doff his Bonnet; And every Nymph would strain, 20 To praise him in her Sonnet: The Pride of all the Youths he was, The Glory of the Groves, The Joy of ev’ry tender Lass: The Theam of all our Loves. IV 25 But Oh Unlucky Fate, A Curse upon Ambition: The Busie Fopps of State Have ruin’d his Condition. For Glittering Hopes he’as left the Shade, 30 His Peaceful Hours are gone: By flattering Knaves and Fools betray’d, Poor Jemmy is undone.